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China railway construction heavy industry shield machine crossed the Yellow River for the first time in 10 months, such as 1600 ton and 2000 ton crawler cranes.

China railway construction heavy industry shield machine crossed the Yellow River for the first time in 10 months.

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at about 8:00 a.m. on November 1, a mud scale shield machine named Jincheng No. 5 officially started from yingmentan to Matan of Lanzhou Rail Transit Line 1 phase I project. This is the first shield machine used to excavate the Yellow River Tunnel in China. It was customized by China railway construction heavy industry according to the geological and other special conditions of Lanzhou section of the Yellow River. The launching of the Yellow River Shield is of far-reaching significance, marking that Lanzhou people are closer to the "subway dream"

China railway construction heavy industry shield machine first crosses the Yellow River in 10 months to complete the excavation

please refer to the standard in detail. Linear grating ruler or resistance strain gauge: during the three-point zigzag test, because the water volume of the Yellow River is not widely involved in the industry, the stratum below the riverbed is basically dominated by sand and gravel structure, and the permeability coefficient is large. Relevant experts believe that the subway crosses the Yellow River, the shield crosses the sand and gravel stratum, collapsible loess stratum The anti-corrosion and anti-seepage treatment of groundwater are the four major technical problems encountered in the construction of Lanzhou rail transit. During shield tunneling, there may be some problems such as local soil instability or sand and water gushing; In some sections, there are hard rock strata and floating stones with large particle size, which are easy to cause damage to the shield cutter head; During operation in the warehouse of special stratum, there will be soil collapse, toxic and harmful gas causing injury to construction personnel, etc. In view of these difficult problems, China railway construction heavy industry group has adopted the most advanced mud water pressurization technology in the world. In view of the characteristics of Lanzhou sandy gravel stratum, China railway construction heavy industry group has made a careful study on the shield machine from the aspects of shield structure selection, soil improvement, cutter head and tool configuration, and the setting of shield propulsion parameters in combination with the successful construction cases and experience of shield method in similar strata in China, Finally, the best combination of various control parameters was determined, and this mud shield machine with a diameter of 6.45 meters, a length of 96 meters and a total weight of more than 500 tons was customized to promote the balance of 27.73% year-on-year

it is reported that the whole tunneling process of this shield machine is highly automated. Only two operating drivers and several auxiliary workers are required to work in the starting shaft of the shield machine. The average tunneling speed per month can reach about 200 meters, and the average tunneling speed per day can reach 10 meters. It is planned to officially enter the bottom of the Yellow River in 2015, and the tunneling is expected to be completed within 10 months

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