The seven most popular products have obtained EU m

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The seven products of Shantui have obtained the EU market access qualification

the sd10ye series and sd13ye series of Shantui full hydraulic bulldozers have successively obtained CE certification, realizing the market access of the seven full hydraulic products in the EU region and injecting strength into international market sales

in order to welcome the upcoming 10th French international exhibition and meet the needs of overseas users, four types of Shantui bulldozers sd10ye (Ⅲ b), sd13ys, sdce and sd22 plus (CE) have been fully qualified for sales in the European Union or North America. Since then, Shansi is a more advanced hydraulic universal testing machine. The technical department will also quickly and synchronously promote the certification of other 11 products, continuously improve the efficiency of product certification, and lay a solid foundation for the sales of Shanpu products in European countries. China has built the world's first 10000 ton downstream shoe material market to develop trans isoprene rubber devices. What testing machines are needed in the textile industry? On the basis of this, we will increase the pace of international development in an all-round way

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