The sharp fall of the hottest oil price has affect

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The sharp drop in oil prices affected the overall short of chemical products

affected by the sharp drop in international oil prices, the domestic energy and chemical products futures jumped sharply and opened low on the 7th, and LLDPE and PTA futures were closed at the limit until the closing. However, PVC futures, supported by the cost side, showed relative resistance to decline. The main 1009 contract closed at 6935 yuan/ton, down 4.41%

lldpe: last Friday (the 4th), crude oil futures closed down sharply, and the price of raw ethylene monomer also fell sharply. The downstream LLDPE and PVC markets suffered heavy losses and lost market confidence. Due to the lack of good news support, LLDPE units continue to be the main players in the megapascal (MPA) spot market. Although petrochemical manufacturers maintain the listing and sales policy, and some units will be overhauled in June, they are still vulnerable to bad news. At present, the city has a continuous honeycomb structure with heat cut-off barrier. The overall supply is abundant, and the downstream demand is still weak. There are many negative factors in the LLDPE market, which is expected to be difficult to improve in the short term

pvc: the market continues to be in a stalemate and consolidation situation. Basically, it is a long and short game. The price of raw calcium carbide has further increased, the electricity prices of chlor alkali and calcium carbide high energy consuming enterprises in Inner Mongolia and Northwest China have been raised, the production costs of PVC have further increased, the profit margins of PVC manufacturers continue to be squeezed, and most manufacturers maintain stable ex factory prices. At that time, with the support of Bayer company, it was the first time that the equipment in the port area was used to produce lactams in the relevant fields of digital economy such as sensors and touch screens around graphene. Lactams were basically shipped at parity, and the market price was limited. However, due to the continuous bad news on the macro level, the state's regulation of the real estate market is still continuing, and the production and sales of downstream product enterprises are flat, reducing the demand for them. In general, although the cost side support is strong, it still cannot offset the negative impact of weak demand and the decline in international oil prices. The PVC market is expected to be mainly short in the short term, but there is little room for further decline

pta: at present, the worry about the European sovereign debt crisis still hangs over the commodity futures market, and the PTA market is also difficult to be affected. The production and sales situation of its downstream polyester market is poor, and it is expected that it will be difficult to change the weakness in the short term

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