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Seven major projects promote the construction of ecological civilization to a higher level release date: Source: Hebei this year, we have ensured that the water quality compliance rate of national and provincial examination sections in the city remains 100%, that of centralized drinking water source areas remains 100%, that the sewage treatment rate of cities and counties reaches more than 95%, and that the harmless treatment rate of urban domestic waste reaches more than 95%, The safe utilization and disposal rate of hazardous wastes has reached 100%

it is learned from Chengde ecological environment bureau that this year, the city will make every effort to promote the "seven major projects", strengthen the foundation, supplement the weak points and promote the improvement, so as to comprehensively promote the construction of ecological civilization to a higher level

fully promote the environmental quality improvement project. We will continue to fight hard against the blue sky, make concerted efforts to reduce carbon and pollution, work out an action plan to peak carbon dioxide emissions by 2030, and improve the linkage mechanism between carbon and pollution reduction; Strengthen the coordinated control of PM2.5 and ozone, carry out in-depth comprehensive treatment of nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds, and solidly promote clean heating in winter, in-depth treatment of the steel and cement coking industry, and comprehensive treatment of boilers and kilns. We will continue to fight for clean water. Focusing on the "three water co construction" of water resources, water environment and water ecology, we will carry out in-depth five major battles: comprehensive renovation of rivers and lakes, renovation of sewage outlets, improvement of industrial enterprises' standards, urban and rural pollution control and combating illegal sewage discharge, solidly promote the "800 Li Luanhe River water quality protection project" and the key projects of the "Chaohe River basin ecological environment protection plan", and improve the risk assessment mechanism of drinking water sources, We will accelerate the construction of water sources and the delimitation of protected areas in the western district to ensure that the water quality compliance rate of national and provincial examination sections in the city remains 100% and that of centralized drinking water sources remains 100%. We will continue to fight for the pure land, accelerate the investigation, tracing and treatment of soil pollution, strengthen classified and hierarchical control, and ensure that the safe utilization rate of Contaminated Farmland and contaminated land plots reach more than 95%

fully promote the ecological construction and improvement project. Strengthen land spatial planning and use control, build an ecological pattern of "two regions, three regions, six corridors and multiple nodes", and promote ecological construction with high quality. Among them, the two areas are composed of Bashang plateau ecological protection area and Beijing Tianjin water source conservation important area. The three areas are based on the Chaohe River Basin in the west, Luanhe River Basin in the middle, Liaohe River and Daling River Basin in the East. The six corridors include Luanhe River, Chaohe River, Yixun River, Wulie River, Liuhe river, Baohe River and other ecological corridors. The multi nodes are based on Maojingba, Wuling Mountain, Liuliping, Dushan, Liaohe River source, summer resort and other natural reserve systems. We will strengthen the restoration of landscape, forest, farmland, lake and grass systems, comprehensively implement the "forest leader system", vigorously implement major projects such as precise improvement of forest quality, grassland ecological restoration and control, Beijing Tianjin sandstorm source control, and comprehensive control of water and soil loss, actively carry out biodiversity protection, comprehensively improve water conservation and ecological support capacity, and strive to build an ecological corridor in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei. Continue to highlight the renovation, integration and transformation of mining enterprises, and strengthen the restoration of the mine ecological environment. A) the ex factory products shall have product certificates, which include:. During the "fourteenth five year plan" period, 2.5 million mu of newly planted forests will be added, 500000 mu of grassland will be rehabilitated, and the forest coverage rate will remain above 60%

fully promote the ecological management improvement project. We will thoroughly implement the "forestry plus" strategy, insist on fruit production in the forest, tourism in the forest, and planting and breeding under the forest, vigorously develop economic forests, and promote people's income. Relying on Saihanba forest ecological development group, integrate the city's forest resources, and promote the business expansion of eco-tourism health care, seedling production and management, afforestation, carbon sink trading, forestry product development, etc. Actively strive for national carbon peak and carbon neutralization pilot projects, actively explore the market-oriented operation mode of forest rights, carbon emission rights, energy use rights, water use rights and emission rights, and strive to build a national northern trading market for energy use rights and carbon emission rights. We will continue to promote the expansion and strengthening of the "Chengde landscape" ecological brand, increase cooperation with large enterprises and groups in Beijing and Tianjin, and make Chengde's high-quality ecological products fully enter Beijing and Tianjin families. We will strengthen the comprehensive utilization of solid waste, actively promote the green development of tailings, and ensure that the comprehensive utilization and disposal rate of general industrial solid waste in the city reaches more than 80%

make every effort to promote the human settlement environment improvement project. We will accelerate the construction of environmental infrastructure and make up for the shortcomings of urban development. We will strengthen the construction of urban sewage pipes, realize the full collection and treatment of sewage in urban built-up areas, and ensure that the sewage treatment rate of cities and counties reaches more than 95%. We will strengthen the harmless treatment of urban domestic waste, improve the system for classified collection, rational transfer and scientific disposal of domestic waste, and ensure that the harmless treatment rate of urban domestic waste in the city reaches more than 95%. Vigorously promote green buildings that are conducive to energy conservation, water conservation, land conservation from a domestic perspective and low pollution, accelerate the green transformation of old residential areas, and ensure that the proportion of new green buildings in cities and towns reaches more than 50%. Orderly promote the improvement of rural living environment, comprehensively implement the treatment of rural domestic sewage and toilet improvement, strengthen the treatment of agricultural and rural non-point source pollution, resolutely control the pollution of plastic film, pesticides and fertilizers, improve the comprehensive utilization level of livestock and poultry manure, and vigorously improve the urban and rural living environment

fully promote the environmental safety improvement project. We will strictly supervise the ecological protection red line and nature reserves, and severely crack down on all kinds of behaviors that occupy the ecological protection red line and damage the ecological environment according to law. We will further promote classified and hierarchical management and control of environmental risks, optimize and improve the city, county, township and village four-level standardized supervision mechanism, comprehensively investigate all kinds of potential environmental risks, and establish a list of problems, rectifications and effects. Establish and improve the tracking management system for the whole process of hazardous waste generation, collection, storage, packaging, transportation and disposal, severely crack down on illegal dumping of hazardous waste, and ensure that the safe utilization and disposal rate of hazardous waste reaches 100%. Formulate the emergency response plan of "one river, one policy and one map" for key basins such as Chaohe River and Luanhe River, improve the emergency response system, actively carry out cross regional emergency drills, and resolutely act as the capital's "ecological moat"

fully promote the ecological system improvement project. We will strengthen the construction of the environmental supervision system, further promote the environmental impact assessment of the green development strategy and the zoning control of the "three lines and one order" ecological environment, speed up the establishment of a regulatory system for fixed pollution sources with the sewage discharge permit system as the core, and strengthen the implementation of the systems of leaving office audit of natural resources assets, compensation for ecological environmental damage, and lifelong investigation. We will further promote the joint construction, prevention and governance of cross regional ecological environment with Beijing, Tianjin, Inner Mongolia and Liaoning, and promote the normalization and institutionalization of horizontal ecological compensation mechanisms in river basins. Give full play to the role of Chengde workstation for research on the construction of "two zones" in Beijing Tianjin Hebei water conservation functional zone and ecological environment support zone, deepen the research on the transformation of "two mountains" theory and practice, actively explore scientific paths, and provide strong support for promoting the construction of "two zones" with high quality

fully promote the ecological culture improvement project. Party and government organs took the lead in promoting the concept of ecological civilization, and took the lead in achieving full coverage of the special training on ecological civilization for leading cadres. The large opening offset is in direct proportion to the phenomenon that the rebound stress gradually decreases with time due to the digital servo valve, so as to expand the construction of energy-saving organs and ensure that the proportion of energy-saving and environmental protection products in government procurement is greater than 80%. Take various forms such as public welfare publicity, education and training, and creation and guidance to popularize the knowledge of ecological civilization and enhance the awareness of ecological civilization

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