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The substantial growth of linen clothing poses competitive pressure on cotton clothing. A kind of fiber produced from flax plants has become a kind of fiber wildly sought after by garment enterprises. Although the price of linen clothing is more than that of cotton clothing, it is only on paper

Allan Rasmussen, senior project manager of Lego, a clothing expert, said that compared with cotton, flax fiber has higher moisture absorption capacity and natural antibacterial and UV resistance, so it is becoming more and more popular

industry experts say that at present, the annual sales volume of flax clothing in India is 70. The pressure sensor converts the pressure signal into an electrical signal of 0 million rupees. Some people in the industry are taking risks to move into the field of flax clothing

Sameer Agrawal, a brand clothing retailer based in Indore, said that they have noticed that linen clothing has increased by% in the past few years. Most high-end customers now prefer linen clothing to cotton clothing

Anurag Vaid, a dealer of linen clothing in another city, plans to open 10 sales points within a year and a half. He said that the demand for linen clothing is rising

jaya shree textile company is a subsidiary of Aditya Birla NUVO group. They are engaged in European linen business. Abhey Nair, senior vice president of the company, said that our current sales volume is 500 million rupees, accounting for 70% of our linen sales market share. We plan to increase our sales to rs. 1000 crore in the next few years

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