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Intelligent sensor has the advantages of all traditional sensors. At the same time, intelligent sensor also has the ability of information collection and processing and automatic exchange of information. It has high precision, high reliability, strong adaptability and lower price

as a very important device, sensors can be seen in all walks of life, including smart homes. They provide information exchange and transmission for smart devices and realize the intelligent interconnection of everything

traditional sensors are mainly to meet the needs of accurate transmission of information, while intelligent sensors have the advantages of all traditional sensors. At the same time, intelligent sensors also have the ability to collect and process information and automatically exchange information. They have high precision, high reliability, strong adaptability, and lower price. The following editor will give you a detailed introduction

I. high accuracy

why is the accuracy of intelligent sensor higher than that of ordinary sensor? This is because intelligent sensor realizes high-precision information collection through software technology. It itself has the ability of programming automation. Through software, it can not only correct system errors, but also appropriately compensate random errors, reduce noise, and improve the accuracy of the sensor

second, high reliability

in improving the reliability of the sensor, the intelligent sensor integrates the system miniaturization characteristics of the sensor, eliminates the unreliable factors of the traditional structure, and improves the anti-interference performance of the system. The intelligent sensor also has the functions of diagnosis, calibration and data storage, which has better stability

III. strong adaptability

there are many kinds of traditional sensors, because many sensors are not universal and can only be customized for a certain scene. However, intelligent sensors contribute to the versatility of sensors, which can realize the versatility of many scenes

intelligent sensors expand the measurement and application range through software, and have strong adaptive ability. It also has the function of digital communication interface, has a variety of data output forms, and is suitable for various application systems

these advantages make the use of intelligent sensors more and more extensive, and their importance is paid more and more attention by enterprises and countries. With the gradual promotion of "made in China 2025", intelligent sensors will play an increasingly important role in promoting industrial upgrading

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