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What color should spring be? Green, of course! Today, let's take a look at how the most popular green in spring and summer 2019 is used in home decoration

what color should spring be? Green, of course! Green, full of vitality, has always been the best match with spring, which can give us a happy mood and bring us beautiful enjoyment

a study conducted by the University of Essex in the UK showed that green is a very special color. It is neither cold nor warm, and it belongs to the middle color. Represents freshness and hope. It represents a sense of safety, calm and comfort. In places with four distinct seasons, such as seeing trees in spring, the color of nature, and green homes are also full of vitality. Therefore, having a green home is like having a sense of security

earlier, Pantone, the world's authoritative popular color prediction organization, released the spring and summer popular color of 2019. Pepper stem green was listed on the list. This warm green color with a little yellow and the sensory stimulation of food aroused our desire for natural life

at the same time, moss green also made the list of Pantone's predicted popular colors, with the meaningful poetic flavor of ink painting and green, as well as the natural beauty of lush plants. When used in home decoration, it won't dominate, but it has a very unique temperament

today, let's take a look at how the most popular green in spring and summer 2019 is used in home decoration

01 wall

in the decoration of the new home, the bright yellow green of pepper stem is very suitable for large-area use in the room. The clear and moist color is mild and comfortable, releasing the continuous natural flavor. If you want to build a Nordic style home, this color close to the forest is undoubtedly the most suitable

oc17361-2 tyla

moss green is very similar to the cedar green we often use. The full tone often reminds people of lush leaves and the lush beauty of nature, which can greatly meet our longing and thirst for natural life. Its matching application in home design can also refer to the color matching principle of cedar green. It is best to use clear pure white, and then match it with floor tiles that are as earthy as grayish brown. People can't wait to have it as beautiful as plants

flt15980s lightning grey is selected for the ground

skc20490m White House Beige (convex)

02 furniture items

although painting the whole wall green is the exclusive of large houses, small space also has the beauty of small space. Theme furniture and fabric items, as long as they are properly matched, can also decorate elegant and pure space, and even become the finishing touch of home decoration

els2360120s yabaimi grey is selected for the ground

flt25580s Normandy gold is selected for the ground

if you don't think the fabric items are eye-catching enough, you can reasonably use green plants, decoration, fabric, furniture, doors and windows, etc. to build a corner of the home into a whole retro and modern online Red photography place, which even the circle of friends will envy

oc16103 pull, oc17361-2 pull and oc17361-3 pull are used on the ground.

03 customized cabinet

when green is applied to customized cabinets, such as cabinets, display cabinets, cloakrooms, etc., coupled with simple door panel style, it is easy to create a different home style

the floor adopts els13790s Brad grey

green cabinets, which give people a sense of calm and tranquility, so that people can put aside all their troubles and have a quiet meal. Fruit green cabinet with milky white quartz countertop will make the kitchen have different vitality and vitality, and make people feel suddenly cheerful

the wall adopts yl7018am Shangpin generation 3

learn to use these spring and summer 2019 pop colors, making your new home the most enviable home space in the circle of friends. So, add green to the space. There is not only the freshness of spring, but also the booming of life, as well as peace and warmth




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