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The stone feast - Xiamen International Stone Exhibition was successfully concluded on March 9. Among them, Zhongxun, as a world-famous brand, has the world's largest quartz production base. This exhibition brings a new visual feast and unique experience

the Xiamen International Stone Exhibition, a stone feast jointly created by nearly 2000 enterprises from 54 countries and regions around the world, closed successfully on March 9. With their own advantages and unique design, all industries compete to appear first. As a world-famous brand, Zhongxun has the largest quartz production base in the world. This exhibition brings a new visual feast and unique experience

the stone exhibition is unprecedentedly grand

the four-day stone exhibition, with a complete range of products, unique exhibit design and the latest industry trends, has attracted 142498 professional businessmen from the stone industry from 148 countries and regions to visit, including 27003 overseas businessmen. The scale of the exhibition is unprecedentedly grand

unique aesthetics blooms perfectly

the booth design takes "space aesthetics" as the concept, through the architectural aesthetic design with great artistic tension, uses different colors, textures and cutting combinations of quartz surface materials in the limited space to achieve the best sense of living space. With its fashionable and novel overall display layout, Zhongxun was charming and eye-catching at the exhibition

new products are admirable

as China's largest quartz export base and China's first quartz brand, Zhongxun brought 12 new products to the exhibition this time, showing the latest quartz fashion trends to merchants, attracting the attention of merchants in more than 20 countries and regions around the world, and everyone was amazed at the design and color of the new products. During the exhibition, many businesses came to negotiate, and the staff of Zhongxun professionally communicated with each customer in depth, and carefully introduced the new products

in the explanation with customers

in the communication between staff and customers

Zhongxun always takes "creating a better life with more value for mankind" as the goal, and serves global customers with the concept of "exceeding customer satisfaction and creating value for customers". With the goal of "enjoying a quality life", we will gradually establish the corporate image of the industry leader and become the world's industrial surface material leader through high-quality and perfect product technical services and innovative marketing activities

exhibition site

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