Zun Fengmei sewing agent teaches you how to receiv

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1. Website promotion is a way to burn money. Commonly used are 58 cities in the same city, baidu bidding promotion, Sogou, etc.

2 find a decoration company and talk about cooperation with the decoration company. If this is negotiated, the list will be relatively stable

3 find a tile dealer to cooperate. You can know where there is direct demand for this at the first time, and the list is easier to deal with

4 printing small advertisements to post or print business cards on each floor of each building in the newly delivered community is laborious and the effect is not obvious. 5 visit in person and send leaflets at the gate of the new community, which belongs to street push

6 add more bucking groups and wechat groups in your area, speak more, interact more, and let more people know you

7 find a property and tiling master to cooperate and win-win

precautions: the quality must be better. In this case, regular customers will send you letters of introduction





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