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"Thoughtful, studious, responsible", "professional, serious and careful", "warm hearted guy" when these labels are pasted on a post-90s, you will be surprised and feel that this post-90s is not quite the same as you imagined. Yes, this is the protagonist that Xiaobian will introduce today - Zhang Deshuang, the "star of warm service" of camel floor heating, a post-90s youth who is serious and responsible for his work, hardworking, independent and responsible

diligent and conscientious, with ideas and responsibilities

in the company for more than a year, Zhang Deshuang has changed from an ordinary construction worker to a construction team leader with sophisticated technology. Camel floor heating has recorded his growth steps and is also a proof of his diligent and conscientious behavior. At the same time, Zhang Deshuang also sprinkled youth and sweat for the company and the owners

Zhang Deshuang is meticulous in construction

usually shy and unsmiling, Zhang Deshuang works meticulously, strictly requires himself to be meticulous in every detail during construction, and the concealed works are constructed in strict accordance with the company's regulations. As the construction team leader, Zhang Deshuang also made every effort to serve every owner in terms of after-sales services

meticulous patience and attentive service were praised by the owner

in the eyes of the owner, Zhang Deshuang is a diligent, meticulous and responsible young man. After the owner of Building 8 of Ningbo central garden moved in, he called Zhang Deshuang at 11 p.m. because the floor heating would not be used. Zhang Deshuang patiently and carefully instructed the customer how to use it. After successfully opening the floor heating, the owner was very happy and praised Zhang Deshuang for his considerate service. Coincidentally, not long ago, the owner of building 6 of Ningbo Jindi Dongyu didn't use a hot water circulating pump and didn't have a hot water bath. After contacting the owner, Zhang Deshuang immediately came to the house to guide how to operate. The owner expressed great recognition and satisfaction for Zhang Deshuang's working attitude

Zhang Deshuang and his colleagues carefully check the customer files

although these are only trivial stories in the after-sales service, meticulous, patient and attentive service to every owner is the camel spirit of "dedication, perseverance, honesty, reliability and down-to-earth"

Zhang Deshuang carefully studied the construction drawings

nowadays, it is widely believed that the post-90s are highly dependent, can't bear hardships, hypocritical, and are the "flowers" of the greenhouse, while Zhang Deshuang proved that the post-90s can also be very reliable with practical actions! Zhang Deshuang: I speak for the reliable and durable camel floor heating

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