Warm congratulations on the opening of meinimei Ph

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Warm congratulations on the opening of meinimei Phoenix store

warm congratulations on the opening of meinimei overall wardrobe Phoenix store! Meinimei integrated wardrobe is a brand of Guangzhou meinimei Furniture Co., Ltd. It is a brand integrated wardrobe with high-end positioning and the most potential for innovation with the new concept of beauty. At present, meinimei wardrobe Phoenix store is under intense decoration and is about to bloom

on the occasion of the ninth year of Phoenix, the new force of the overall wardrobe, menimei, has entered the overall wardrobe, which is a new shining star in Country Garden community. The arrival of menimei will bring more brilliant colors to this beautiful city

Phoenix is located in the eastern part of Guangzhou with strong economic strength, with tens of thousands of high-end owners and high consumption standards; Meinimei's overall wardrobe just brings the international home furnishing concept to the residents of Phoenix, and creates high-quality wardrobe products for them to experience a new beautiful new life

meinimei will interpret a new beauty for Chinese consumers with a new vision, a beautiful realm from body to heart. Meinimei's overall wardrobe is determined to give priority to Phoenix residents and friends to enjoy this beauty and love, and make the quality of life in Country Garden community more healthy and fashionable





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