Weiyi custom furniture design is the future

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As the initiator and leader of customized furniture in the whole house, Weiyi always pays attention to the development and innovation of design concept, and regards the building of design team as the source power of brand development. Weiyi believes that design endows home with soul, and the future of furniture is design

at the end of June, Weiyi customized furniture joined hands with Mr. Mai Anmin of Dongguan international famous furniture design and Research Institute, a furniture brand photographer with many years of successful experience, to create a new image of Weiyi designer, highlighting the brand development concept of "customized furniture and design service as the core"

Weiyi customized furniture has a large design team, with more than 2000 Weiyi home designers in franchised stores all over the country, providing professional one-to-one customized solutions and design services to thousands of families in more than 300 cities every day, which is the secret of Weiyi customized furniture's stable leading position in customized furniture

2013, with the signing of international superstar Li Bingbing, marks the official launch of Weiyi's "big star, big marketing" plan, and continues to lead the development direction of customized furniture in China





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