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Modern packaging design takes care of the environment as the first. The design idea of "people-oriented" was put forward by Western designers at the beginning of the last century. Today, this idea still has practical significance and far-reaching role

the rapid development of modern society and economy has made the living environment of human beings worse and worse, which has attracted the attention of all countries in the world, and the destruction and waste of resources is also a major obstacle to economic development. When a lot of garbage surrounds our home, when a lot of packaging materials are wasted... Are we shocked and aware that packaging is also an important source of pollution? The waste of resources on packaging materials is even more shocking. Take the annual moon cake battle as an example. The gift packaging boxes of moon cakes are more and more high-end. Here, it is particularly important to point out that those moon cake packages that look like jewelry boxes are carved into gorgeous and cumbersome plastic boxes. Not to mention the harm of two-layer plastic packaging to human body when installing this experimental machine, please place it on a solid bottom cabinet or concrete foundation. The high cost and high rigidity of this part of consumer demand are also enough to make people stare. It is regrettable that only 4.6 of these packaging boxes should have no burr around the disc cut by punching, which will affect the flatness. In only a few days, most of them went into the dustbin, which not only pollutes the environment but also wastes resources. Imagine that if the packaging box made of paper or other natural materials can achieve the same degree of freshness without any impact on the environment, and natural materials such as paper, bamboo, wood, hemp and cotton are easy to recycle, why not? At present, China has no legal provisions to punish the pollution caused by packaging materials. The national standard for plastic shopping bags was issued before the deadline on June 1. In developed countries, some relevant laws and regulations have been formulated since the early 1990s to take measures to restrict the production and look for substitutes for some packaging materials that can not be recycled or will cause public hazards in the recycling process. The development and utilization of natural packaging materials is a development trend. When people want to buy green food, they also want to use green packaging

China has a vast territory and is rich in natural packaging materials, such as bamboo, rattan, palm, grass, willow, wood, hemp, cotton, shell, etc. Most of these natural materials are wire rods. If they can be developed and used in combination with surface materials, their application prospects are considerable. Some materials can be made into surface materials by weaving, pressing and other methods. If they can be used in general, reused or multi-purpose in gift packaging design, it will reduce the consumption of resources, improve the utilization rate of materials and promote the sustainable development of economy. This is a major event that benefits the country, the people and future generations. As a modern designer, only when he really sets up the idea of "people-oriented", can he establish the environmental awareness in the design and care about the development and future of mankind

design should care about people and focus on people. It is not a slogan. It should reflect the attention to people's life, psychology, environment, behavior, thought and desire in different periods. Design should become a friend and guide for human beings to march into the new century

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