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Shanghai Modern Environmental Governance: focus on Building 8 system circles and 10 requirements

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on September 3, 2020, the Shanghai Municipal People's government issued the implementation opinions on accelerating the construction of a modern environmental governance system

it is clear that by 2025, a new way of modern environmental governance with Chinese characteristics, reflecting the characteristics of Shanghai and conforming to the characteristics and laws of megacities will be explored to provide more high-quality ecological products for the people, and the level of ecological environmental protection and environmental governance will continue to be at the forefront of the country

in terms of top-level design, it is proposed to revise the provisions of Shanghai Municipality on ecological environment protection (Trial); To formulate the measures of Shanghai Municipality for the implementation of the provisions of the central government on supervision over ecological and environmental protection; Formulate the power and list of comprehensive law enforcement team for ecological environment protection; Issue third-party environmental protection service specifications; Formulate a special ecological environment plan for the Yangtze River Delta ecological green integrated development demonstration area

promote local legislation in the fields of environmental impact assessment, dust pollution prevention and control, and carry out legislative research on soil pollution prevention, pollutant discharge permit management, mobile source air pollution prevention and control; Promote the construction of green standard system, focus on automobile repair, coating and other industries, and speed up the formulation and revision of relevant standards in key areas such as volatile organic compounds; Formulate the implementation plan for the reform of the division of municipal and district financial powers and expenditures in the field of ecological environment; We will work together to formulate special treatment plans for joint protection of key transboundary water bodies such as Taipu River and Dianshan Lake

opinions: improve the environmental governance leadership system, improve the correction function of environmental governance enterprises with measured values, and make multi-point linear correction system for sensors whose linearity does not meet the requirements, improve the national action system for environmental governance, improve the environmental governance supervision system, improve the environmental governance market system, improve the environmental governance credit system, and improve the regional cooperation system for environmental governance 8 aspects of perfecting the environmental governance laws and policies system are explained in detail

the content covers several standard blocks used for calibrating hardness meters that people are concerned about at present. They can not be used on both sides:

1. Pollutant discharge permit

in the pilot Free Trade Zone, we are here to answer the friend's questions. The New Lingang district will implement greater reform measures for environmental impact assessment and establish a regular update mechanism for pollution source information linked to the pollutant discharge permit

2. Strengthen plastic pollution control

3. Environmental information disclosure

effectively implement the mandatory environmental information disclosure system of listed companies and bond issuing enterprises, and comprehensively promote the opening of environmental protection facilities to the public

4. Social participation

improve the "12345" citizen service, "12369" environmental protection report, petition complaint and other reporting, investigation and feedback mechanisms, and improve the reward reporting system for environmental violations; Give full play to the role of various social organizations; Bring ecological environment protection into the national education system; Promote green life and green consumption; Vigorously promote the new fashion of waste classification

5. Environmental protection law enforcement

pay attention to "flexible" law enforcement, and formulate a list of exemption from punishment for minor violations of ecological environment; Make full use of satellite remote sensing, UAV, monitoring, big data analysis and other means to carry out off-site law enforcement inspection; Strictly prohibit "one size fits all" law enforcement; Strengthen law enforcement linkage of ecological environment protection

further promote the civil, administrative and criminal "three in one" trial mechanism in the field of ecological environment; Build an ecological environment intelligent monitoring network system covering all elements, all regions and all fields; Promote the application of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, 5g, IOT and blockchain

6. Third party governance

actively promote third-party governance of environmental pollution, and encourage support for new models and new business forms such as third-party diagnosis and services. Encourage the adoption of the innovative mode of "environmental restoration + development and construction" for the restoration of industrial contaminated land plots

7. Charging system

including differentiated electricity price, sewage treatment fee, differentiated charging mechanism for enterprise sewage discharge (required to be piloted in the Industrial Park), solid waste treatment revenue. Among them, 21 items of chemical raw materials and chemical products manufacturing industry have been included in the fee

8, credit construction

promote the mechanism of linking enterprise environmental credit with government procurement, fiscal and tax subsidies, evaluation and excellence creation, determination of insurance rate, water and electricity price, credit and other policies

9. Joint prevention and control (Yangtze River Delta)

build a comprehensive demonstration area for green technology innovation in the Yangtze River Delta, and establish a green technology property rights trading service platform in the Yangtze River Delta

10. Financial support

involves the national green development fund, the soil pollution prevention fund, green credit and bonds, the compulsory environmental pollution insurance system, and carbon emissions trading. Encourage financial leasing companies in Shanghai to carry out financial leasing business of major environmental protection equipment

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