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Modern gift packaging and the inheritance of gift behavior a German philosopher Cassirer believes that man is a symbolic animal in the sense of ontology. Human beings need to communicate and understand each other in their activities. What is the media mechanism of this communication and understanding? In a word, symbols. Symbols are everywhere in our life - the concepts behind the first wave of heated graphene batteries and other languages, paintings, music, words, and words, and even various people's life forms and activities, which involve people's inheritance and exchange of knowledge, can be classified into the category of symbols, that is, everything in the real world is reflected in people's spiritual world and may be symbolized

1 symbolism of traditional gift behavior

gift behavior belongs to a kind of behavior symbol, which is itself a way of expression of the symbol. With the help of gifts, actors convey their own thinking process and conclusions to the audience, so as to achieve the communication of social relations; In other words, it is through the actions and gifts of the actors and their own experience that the audience can finally understand the thoughts and feelings that the actors want to express. It can be said that symbols are tools to express thoughts and feelings

as a behavior symbol, gift behavior has a certain breadth and depth in daily life, especially in traditional life behavior. It has a structural connection with the whole content of life. In Chinese society, taking a person's life as an example, his life will be connected with people at the social level and the family level. There are geographical and industrial relationships in the society, blood and kinship relationships in the family. On every occasion of his life, every festival at the age of one year, and every social stratum's gift to each different social object are accompanied by different gift forms, contents, numbers, colors Auspicious symbols, blessings and rules of conduct. From birth to the end of his life, he was accompanied by the custom of giving gifts. It can be seen that the gift behavior is not an accidental and individual phenomenon, but a stable, universal and massive social phenomenon, which is also a dynamic symbol

2 performance of traditional gift behavior in daily life

in Chinese customs, gift customs have formed quite complete behavior. Jiangsu Jinfa technology adheres to the "big customer, big product" as the main line system, and has continued to accompany the daily life of all levels of society since ancient times. The most common gifts are gifts at the age of, gifts of life etiquette and customs, interpersonal gifts, etc

(1) gifts at the age of

welcome spring, spend summer, celebrate autumn and leave the year. There are different gifts in different seasons. During the Qingming Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival, the Mid Autumn Festival, the Double Ninth Festival and the new year's Eve, people give gifts at the age of various years, such as spring dishes, clever zongzi, moon cakes, Double Ninth Festival cakes, pepper wine, etc. the year-round season makes it a gift distributed at all times of the year

(2) life etiquette gifts

birth, marriage, children and all the year round have become the four concentrated areas of life etiquette and custom gifts. People use various "pain sharing gifts" and "birth giving gifts", give red eggs for good news, and congratulate their children with brown sugar and hens; There are betrothal gifts at the time of engagement; When lovers love each other, they have various keepsakes; On the night of marriage, the couple presented red dates, peanuts, longans and other things to congratulate each other and wished the new couple an early birth; As people grow older, their grandchildren will give gifts and congratulations on their birthday; At the end of the old man's life, there are also various gifts to mourn the dead and comfort the bereaved

(3) interpersonal gifts

gifts between neighbors: gifts between classmates: gifts between teachers and students; Gifts from employers in business activities: gifts from colleagues, etc. How to solve the external interference of the electronic universal testing machine? Gifts, interpersonal gifts, constitute a complete gift system and become a behavior symbol

3 inheritance of modern gift packaging and gift behavior

3.1 current situation of modern gift packaging

in the process of people choosing commodities, a commodity developed according to people's needs is receiving more and more attention, that is, gift packaging. As one of the important media of modern interpersonal communication, the social value of gifts is playing a subtle change, which has its social psychological basis. In contemporary urban life, the relationship between people is very indifferent, and the focus of people's social communication has shifted from blood and geography to academic or business. Under such a psychological background, the need for gift communication is greatly increased. The following figure is the yield strength of steel bars

with people's great demand for gifts, gift packaging design has also been developed correspondingly, including the development of processing technology, packaging materials, transportation means and other technical directions, as well as the development of people's social psychology, social harmony and views on gifts. The impression of "wasteful and cumbersome packaging" in people's concept of gift packaging is also gradually changing

the development of the gift industry has led to the specialization of gift packaging on the one hand, and on the other hand, it has gradually made gift packaging a part of the gift itself. People not only use the material functions of gifts to express their emotions, but also use gift packaging to strengthen their emotions. At this time, gift packaging has been directly unified with the purpose of the gift itself. It is no longer a subsidiary of the gift, but an important part of the gift. From its original function first, it has been transformed into "communication and interpersonal relations" as the first, that is, its first purpose. There is an old Chinese saying: "when you send goose feathers from thousands of miles, etiquette is light and friendship is heavy." It profoundly explains the relationship between the two, which is both related and different from each other

3.2 relationship between traditional gift behavior and modern gift packaging. Different social classes have different requirements for the mode of gift behavior and gifts. Because of these customs, there is a great demand for gifts in modern social life, forming a kind of consumption culture. Traditional gift behavior is the historical condition for the development of modern gifts, and it is also the cultural basis of gift packaging design

in modern social communication behaviors, different gift customs are accompanied at all times. These behaviors make people have a large demand for things and gifts. According to different gift behavior modes, the requirements for the gift itself and the packaging of the gift are also different. Under the premise of the first "communication and interpersonal relationship" of modern gift packaging, we study the characteristics and structure of gift behavior symbols, and consider the form of gift packaging design from its conventional system in social life and the psychological and physiological needs of the giver and the givee. Traditional gift behavior provides a platform for modern gift packaging design to meet the psychological needs of gift consumers

3.3 enlightenment of gift behavior on modern gift packaging design

when designing gift packaging, the design should be accurate. What we need is a painstaking and appropriate packaging, rather than a luxurious and expensive "laminated packaging". When carrying out the positioning design, it is mainly based on the investigation to clarify the way of gift behavior and the specification requirements of gift behavior. What kind of gift behavior determines what kind of gift to give. Gift packaging directly affects the realization of gift exchange value

3.3.1 gift packaging design with accurate positioning

the positioning of gift packaging design mainly includes product positioning and sales target positioning

(1) product positioning

mainly refers to variety positioning, product feature positioning, product use positioning and product grade positioning. The positioning of the product is directly related to the object, place and time of the gift behavior itself. Therefore, in the gift packaging design, proper positioning design is very important. It mainly refers to the choice of information transmission. For example, the product grade positioning is divided into medium, low and high grades. The grade positioning of the product is mainly to distinguish the low, medium and high-grade products. For the medium and low-grade commodities, the packaging production cost should be taken into account. The product should be as good as possible and the cost should be low, so as not to increase the unnecessary burden of consumers. However, as a gift packaging, even the medium and low-grade packaging design should not be made in a rough way: the packaging of high-grade products should properly show its grade identity in the external effect of packaging, To meet the spiritual and aesthetic needs of consumers, but also to prevent excessive luxury

(2) consumer positioning

mainly refers to that the gift packaging design should be suitable for a certain level of consumers, and the diverse needs of consumers should not be ignored. When positioning consumers, we should consider the positioning of social strata and consumption areas, as well as the positioning of consumers' own psychological factors. The gift packaging with accurate positioning can effectively realize the value in the gift behavior, so that the gift packaging can meet the needs of the market

3.3.2 material behavior and spiritual culture of gift packaging

in the design of gift packaging, the information transmitted by design is related to both material behavior and spiritual culture

1, spiritual culture

spiritual culture refers to the transmission of packaging cultural information. These are determined by the choice of packaging materials, words, patterns and colors. In some special gifts, such as the customs of some ethnic minorities, gifts cannot be opened on the spot; Some gifts will avoid the use of some colors in the implementation, such as wedding and year-round etiquette and customs in life etiquette gifts. Then the information to be conveyed by packaging design is more representative in these occasions. Give full consideration to the contents to be conveyed and the information to be communicated when gifts appear in these gift customs

2. Material behavior

material behavior refers to the gift behavior itself. The "stereotype" of gift behavior has determined that our gift packaging should reflect the "personality" of this gift in a centralized and quasi authoritative way, which also requires us to consider its characteristics when designing product positioning. For example, gifts made by individuals should reflect the characteristics of personal production in packaging design; Local unique gifts, emphasizing the characteristics of local culture; National handicrafts emphasize the characteristics of national tradition, so as to reflect the original nature of gifts and achieve the purpose of gifts

3.4 different demands for talking behavior have led to the emergence of modern gift packaging strategies.

in the process of gift consumption, we found that different customers have different visual satisfaction demands for different commodity packaging, which also reflects this feature in the requirements for gift packaging

in modern social communication behavior, different consumers have new requirements for gifts in more aspects. The different demands for gift behavior give birth to the diversity of modern gift packaging marketing strategies, which are externally reflected in the packaging effect of gifts. It can be said that the packaging of gifts should directly reflect the symbolism of gift behavior. The behavior is reflected in the marketing strategy of gift packaging. The marketing strategy of gift packaging should be based on the needs of customers for enterprises and the actual needs of customers for gift behavior. A variety of gift packaging marketing strategies can be suitable for different gift behaviors

in order to objectively reflect the consumption significance and utility differences of various indicators, it is necessary to take customer satisfaction as the criterion and pay attention to the research on consumption patterns in the design of gift packaging

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