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Aesthetic consciousness of modern packaging container design (Part 2)

the continuous emergence of new materials, on the one hand, enhances the visual expression of packaging container modeling, on the other hand, promotes people's new aesthetic concepts and aesthetic forms. In the handicraft era, the creation activities mainly deal with the decorative appearance of utensils by copying the patterns of natural forms, which often covers up the beauty of the inherent materials and colors of the packaging container. Modern packaging container modeling pursues more the beauty of texture and texture of materials, such as the simple and natural wood texture, the exquisite and transparent glass and rich light and shadow changes, and the dazzling stainless steel. For the same material, it can also show a variety of textures through different processing processes or chemical treatment technologies. For example, the metal bottle cap of the packaging container is polished to get a smooth texture effect like a mirror, giving people a sense of precision. Because of its high sensor precision (some reach 1/21.05 million), it can also test the friction coefficient, rational and tense aesthetic feeling, The frosted surface obtained by chemical treatment expresses an implicit and hazy aesthetic feature. It can be seen that the impact of new materials on design is not limited to the technical category, but includes the experience of stimulating the sense of human vision and touch, as well as the stimulating effect on the popular trend of aesthetics

the texture performance of natural materials endows the packaging container design with unique regional cultural charm. (wine set design/caokumpeng)

III: it advocates the purposefulness of Beijing Municipal Construction Commission to eliminate unqualified polyurethane materials.

the traditional aesthetic concept regards function and decoration as two separate and irrelevant parts, making the decoration of packaging container modeling impractical, inappropriate and expensive. Modernism stresses that form obeys function and pursues simple and abstract form. However, the modern aesthetic concept of packaging container modeling does not deny the existence of decoration, but when expressing the decorative nature of packaging container modeling, it often organically combines the density fiberboard decoration in the aesthetic decoration gb/t 11718 ⑵ 009 with the function, and on the basis of meeting the use function, The function of packaging container modeling is fully and properly expressed in the perceptual form of art, which may make the container modeling have a pleasing value. For example, the wavy line shape of the plastic bottle body of mineral water, on the one hand, shows a smooth rhythmic aesthetic feeling, on the other hand, it plays a functional role in strengthening the fastness of the plastic bottle body and increasing the hand grip friction. It can be seen that an excellent packaging container shape must reflect the purposefulness and regularity of the form composition of the utensils. However, the decorative aesthetic factors can not be separated from the functional factors, decorated for decoration, and the formalist and Aestheticist design can be carried out in isolation. Only when the aesthetic decoration is combined with the functional structure and other factors, can the formal elements reflect the internal elements and values of the packaging container modeling itself, and reflect some consistency with the users' material and psychological needs, can it have its real aesthetic value

IV: the aesthetic value of advocating the power of science and technology

modern aesthetic consciousness reflects today's technical form. The development of science and technology has directly or indirectly participated in the form creation of packaging container modeling, bringing new aesthetic concepts to people. High technology is knowledge intensive. The automation of production and the standardization of products have created high-quality living utensils that press the print button to start printing experimental data. For example, aluminum alloy seals designed for some packaging containers can be easily and easily opened. People enjoy a superior way of life, deeply feel the modern civilization and advanced scientific and technological level in the process of using container products, and enjoy a kind of beauty wholeheartedly, Feel infinite joy and interest, and revel in the greatness of scientific power. The aesthetic value of utensils is closely related to the level of science and technology. People realize that technology itself has artistic characteristics and begin to play an internal beauty in the modeling of packaging containers. The orientation of aesthetic hi-tech is an aesthetic category with deep rational connotation. It presents mechanical order and accuracy in the intuitive form of packaging containers, which fully meets the requirements of the specification. For example, the straight and precise linear processing of packaging containers and the machining traces left by machine production all give people an aesthetic experience with scientific rationality and logic. Another example is the packaging container designed according to the principle of ergonomics, which conforms to people's psychological and physiological characteristics in terms of size, hand feel and operation mode, and is bound to make people have a pleasant aesthetic experience in use. The modern aesthetic principle of integrating technical factors has become an indispensable attribute in people's aesthetic activities. In a certain sense, high technology is beauty, and modernization is beauty

the change of aesthetic consciousness represents the change of times. The aesthetic concept of modern packaging containers is the product of the times and society under certain historical conditions. From decorative performance to abstract aesthetics, they express their own distinctive characteristics of the times. The essential difference between modern aesthetic concepts and traditional aesthetic concepts is that they represent different production methods and social productive forces. Their aesthetic principles are based on meeting scientific standards Rich in economic benefits, with the characteristics of the spirit of the times and on the basis of meeting the aesthetic needs of the society. People's discovery and thinking of materials, the development and utilization of technology, and the observance and grasp of aesthetic standards are all reflections of contemporary lifestyles and social needs, reflecting the ultimate expression of human aesthetic ideals and the beautiful vision of future life

the historical wheel of aesthetic standards is still rolling towards the future. Economic globalization has enabled mankind to quickly step into a material rich consumption era and constantly change people's lifestyle and values, which is bound to achieve new aesthetic values. At the same time, the aesthetic performance of forms is also facing new challenges. Designers should rely on their keen artistic intuition to discover and build new aesthetic values, And visually express it concretely. As far as the packaging container design is concerned, it is necessary to express the aesthetic spirit and aesthetic concept of the times in the design with new aesthetic thinking, and to pursue the connotation of the latest times in the form composition of the packaging container, so as to maintain the fashion vitality in the transformation of the times, present vivid aesthetic interest, and win the wide recognition of the market and consumers.)

(author/Jindong, Department of art and design, Anhui Institute of engineering and Technology)

source: China Packaging

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