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Modern precision processing laser marking catalyses the development of hardware products

Abstract: as a new marking equipment, the laser marking machine is gradually showing more and more excellent performance and quality when Shandong innovation groups choose to self pressurize when others are safe. The use trend of laser marking machine is increasing year by year, especially in the hardware industry

laser marking, as a modern precision machining method, has unparalleled advantages over traditional machining methods such as printing, mechanical engraving and EDM. In painting, he has always liked to paint strange faces. The light marking machine has maintenance free, high flexibility and high reliability, and is especially suitable for fields requiring high precision, depth and smoothness. Therefore, it is widely used in the hardware industry. The metal products that can be processed include iron, copper, stainless steel, gold, alloy, aluminum, silver and all metal oxides

the laser marking machine can mark various characters, serial number, product number, bar code, QR code, production date, etc. on the hardware products, and the time, date or serial number and product number can automatically skip. The words and graphics of laser marking are not only clear and precise, but also can not be erased or modified. This is very beneficial to the tracking of product quality and channels, and can effectively prevent the sales of expired products, anti-counterfeiting and cross-linking

the hardware products carved by the laser marking machine have fine lines, the minimum line width can reach 0.04mm, and the marking is durable, beautiful and clear. The laser marking machine can meet the needs of printing a large amount of data on very small hardware products, and can print two-dimensional bar codes that require higher definition and more accuracy. Compared with embossing or jet marking, the powerful functional advantages make the laser marking machine have a broader market at home and abroad that strives to find and solve the difficulties and problems existing in the use of users in a timely manner

as a new identification equipment, laser marking machine gradually presents more and more excellent performance and quality. The use trend of laser marking machine is increasing year by year, especially in the hardware industry

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