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Modern military packaging (middle)

aiming at the needs of military support, the Committee has made great achievements in packaging improvement

according to the needs of support 1, the Committee has purposefully and emphatically carried out packaging improvement, fully applied advanced and mature civil packaging technologies at home and abroad to military packaging, and actively carried out comprehensive protective packaging and containerization innovation by using new technologies, methods and materials

the high-tech war using comprehensive protective packaging has the characteristics of great depth, all-weather, all-round, land, sea, air, electricity and magnetism. The means of attack and destruction are becoming more and more diverse, making the battlefield living environment of military equipment, equipment and materials increasingly bad. Moreover, China has a vast territory, climate conditions vary greatly, and the environment of military materials is extremely complex. Therefore, a single protective package can no longer meet the protection function of the contents. The ordnance packaging branch scientifically applied high barrier packaging materials and adopted comprehensive protective measures of "sealing, drying + deoxidization + adsorption", designed and improved packaging equipment such as multi-functional protective boxes and large stack sealing sets for ammunition in the island army positions, implemented various protective technical schemes such as moisture-proof measures for ammunition warehouses in positions, and improved the packaging of carrying ammunition stored in islands and other regions; It has increased its ability to withstand the harsh marine climate environment such as high temperature, high humidity, heavy rain and fog, and concentrated salt, enhanced its reliability and the success of completing tasks, and improved its technical support capability. According to the characteristics of high-tech war, the armored equipment branch has improved the packaging of high-value and high protection requirements equipment such as night vision system and on-board computer. The original simple and backward packaging has been changed. The newly adopted packaging has comprehensive protection functions such as anti electromagnetic, anti radiation, anti shock, moisture-proof and anti mildew, meeting the protection requirements for internal equipment

carry out unit integrated packaging innovation. By using various means of transportation, such as automobiles, armored transport vehicles, trains, ships, aircraft, etc., the military equipment and materials required for military operations can be quickly transported to the three-dimensional delivery of support areas from land, sea, air, and become the main body of transportation support in modern local wars. This requires that the packaging of military equipment and materials must be unit collection. The unit containerized packaging can improve the loading, unloading and handling efficiency of military equipment and materials, adapt to the three-dimensional transportation support requirements of modern local wars, win the initiative for the rapid support of military equipment and materials, and lay the foundation for the mechanization of military equipment and materials support. The packaging of unit containerization is compatible with various transportation support means, which is the only way to realize the rapid support of military equipment and materials. The health medicine packaging branch and the military transportation packaging branch have actively carried out unit containerization innovation and made remarkable achievements. In combination with the actual situation of armored equipment and equipment support, the armored equipment and equipment packaging branch has vigorously carried out the improvement of the containerization of combat readiness equipment packaging. The volume and weight of the containerized equipment have been reduced to varying degrees compared with the packaging volume and weight before the containerization. The maximum volume has been reduced by 1.5m3 and the weight has been reduced by 115KG, laying a foundation for the containerization transportation and rapid loading, unloading and handling of armored equipment, It improves the benefit of storage and transportation

pay attention to the implementation of standards, and basically improve the packaging standard system

military packaging standards are the technical basis for military packaging, an important document for the quality and technical supervision of military packaging, an important means to improve and ensure the quality of military packaging, an integral part of the scientific management of military packaging, the formulation of military technical indicators for the packaging of weapons, equipment and equipment, and the packaging design and finalization The military is an important guarantee for the quality control of military material packaging, which is of great significance to improve the technical level of military packaging

the packaging standard system has been gradually improved. With the increasingly prominent status and role of the standard in equipment research and material ordering, it has become an important aspect affecting the military packaging work to continuously improve the military packaging standard system and timely prepare and revise the packaging standard according to the actual work needs of the situation development. In the past year, in accordance with the table of military packaging standards system and the Tenth Five Year Plan for military packaging, the Committee actively carried out the preparation and revision of packaging standards. A military packaging standard system with rigorous structure, reasonable levels, coordinated support, strong universality and high technical level is gradually taking shape

packaging standards have been implemented. While paying close attention to improving the standard system and actively carrying out standard preparation and revision, we have paid attention to the implementation of the standards, so that the role of the standards can be fully played in the procurement, transportation, stretching, tightening, twists, tears, shearing, 180 degree stripping and 90 degree stripping experiments, storage and use of equipment, equipment and materials, thus improving the packaging quality and saving packaging funds The storage life has been extended, especially the problems that have been puzzling the purchasing department have been solved. The newly issued standards comprehensively regulate the dimensions, structure, materials, sealing methods, packing fixation, packaging marks and other standard contents of packaging boxes, and provide the basis for packaging standardization for factory production

make full use of various forms to carry out packaging technology and information exchange

carry out various technical exchange activities, which can improve the quality of military packaging workers, improve the level of military packaging theory, scientific research and improvement, and cultivate talents for various military packages. The Committee has actively carried out exchanges and studies among branches, military and local governments, and between China and foreign countries in various forms. It has held a training class and study class on the utilization of carbon fiber composites in electric vehicles. It has made use of advanced network technology to release various packaging information in real time

with the increasingly active technical exchanges, the Secretariat of the Committee organized all branches to visit the exhibition of packaging improvement achievements, some packaging branches organized packaging training courses, and military transportation, health, oil and other branches organized various forms of technical seminars. (to be continued)

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