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Green around the door, the front of the court is luxuriant, just a kind of "picking chrysanthemums under the eastern fence, leisurely see the Nanshan" artistic conception

I heard that the temperature dropped below 10 degrees today? Do you feel the artistic conception of "cold ice rain slapping on your face"? In the cold winter, will you miss the grass growing and Orioles flying in spring? As the saying goes, can spring be far behind when winter comes

it's better to try to introduce idyllic poetry into your residence than to miss the green of spring. The courtyard is the best place to store the green. Even in winter, you can feel the fresh and warm from nature, full of fun, and relax

there is a suggestion for residence in the annals of Changwu: "even if we can't live on rocks and valleys, follow the trail of Qiyuan and wander in the shops, we should have elegant courtyards, beautiful rooms, pavilions with the bosom of Kuang Shi, seclusion in the Zhai Pavilion, and be a kind of good wood and strange bamboo. Chen Jinshi's books make the residents forget their old age, the residents forget their return, and the tourists forget their fatigue." It means that if you can't live between green mountains and green waters, you should have a wide view and quiet elegance in front of the door

in the ancient gardening monograph "Yuanye", it is mentioned that "the forest is high and the bamboo trees are desolate; the city is noisy and lowly, so you must choose to live in the adjacent leisure. Looking at the plateau, the distant hills are surrounded by screens, the hall is open, and the air invades people, and the door leads spring to the river." It also advocates quietness in front of the door and more tranquility and freshness

the greenery surrounds the front of the door, and the front of the court is luxuriant and bright, which just has an artistic conception of "picking chrysanthemums under the eastern fence and leisurely seeing Nanshan". This combination of western style villas and Chinese literati landscape pastoral customs does not appear abrupt, but rather a kind of "refined and appropriate, clever and appropriate" tranquility, which can be as warm as spring in winter




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