Modern beast wall cloth double 11 grand benefit Ca

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Modern beast 11.6 to 11.28, double 11 Juhui Carnival officially started

Juhui double 11

modern beast

11.6 to 11.28

if it weren't for the right time, you would make my heart beat

without any precaution,

the double 11 grand benefit Carnival of modern beasts has officially started

for the first time, I want to offer you a price

I announce,

today I want to "price" you

November 6, 2018 - November 28, 2018

double 11, carnival for 22 days, give you double love

walk with me hand in hand,

create a happy life

it's too late yesterday,

it will be a pity tomorrow,

today I want to "price" you

high texture plain jacquard

leopard No.1 book Original price of all models of "leopard No. 2 book": 98 yuan/m2

Carnival price: 58 yuan/m2

multicolor high-precision jacquard

original price of all models of "red wolf No. 1 book": 148 yuan/m2

Carnival price: 88 yuan/m2

high-precision embroidery + high texture plain bottom cloth

Carnival price of all models of "red wolf No. 2 book": national unified price 7.5 fold

polar bear solo

Black Knight (bjxqs01/02/03/04)

original price: 6888 yuan/piece

Carnival price: 4888 yuan/piece

dusk snow in Qianshan (bjxss01/02/03)

original price: 8888 yuan/piece

Carnival price: 6888 yuan/piece

P.S. all activities include construction auxiliary materials

everyone has an ideal home in his heart.

Haizi's "I have a house facing the sea, with flowers blooming in spring",

has created the happy home dream of thousands of people

in late autumn and early winter, it is a good time for home decoration and wedding leave.

have you all figured out how to dress up your happy harbor

"life is not only about the present, but also about poetry and fields far away."

the modern beast wall cloth will build a poetic dwelling for you and find the foothold of your soul

the store is ready to go,

the gifts are ready,

"price" clothes exude a beautiful luster,

just waiting for you to "pick up the wedding"

(source: Modern beast wall cloth)





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