Feng Shui taboos in the decoration of five duplex

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Duplex houses are loved by decoration owners for their advantages of saving space and sufficient light, so what are the Feng Shui taboos of duplex building decoration? The five taboos of Feng Shui in the decoration of duplex buildings include stairs and halls, not accepting gas, porch fans or air conditioners, windowsill making beds, and hanging fierce decorations

Feng Shui taboos in the decoration of five duplex buildings

the Chinese nation has a long history and ancient culture. In the long-term social practice, our ancestors found that there is an objective law that does not take people's consciousness as the transfer in the process of human survival. Feng Shui theory was formed in such a historical process. It laid a theoretical foundation for the formation of Yin-Yang house and destiny luck theory, and provided possible conditions for people to explore the specific laws of life movement in their living environment. Thus laid a basic theoretical framework for grasping the combination of the geomantic environment of Yangzhai and Yuan Yun

according to the theory of ancient culture, Feng Shui mainly focuses on the aspects of hiding wind, gathering Qi, benefiting Ding, and prospering wealth, that is to say, it includes: the children and grandchildren of the people who live in houses, the population in the family is safe, the body is healthy, and contacts with noble people

prosperous wealth includes: having no worries about food and clothing, abundant wealth and wealth, comfort and happiness, etc. In addition to paying attention to adjusting the layout design and decoration of the home, we should also pay attention to the coordination of the outdoor environment

the most basic landscape coordination and transformation. As long as beginners and enthusiasts can have a careful insight, they will know whether their place of residence is in good or bad luck

since 2004-2023 was the eighth Transportation Administration Bureau, the eighth transportation in the eight trigrams was [Gen Gua] Gen Weishan, and the direction belonged to the northeast. During the current eighth transportation, the most advantageous pattern during the eighth transportation was that the Northeast was a mountain and the southwest was water - that is, living in a building with mountains in the northeast and water in the southwest would make money Wang Ding and Wang Guan

on the contrary, the building you live in is in the opposite pattern, that is, where the southwest is a mountain and the northeast is a water, it will become a loss of wealth Wound Ding And the situation of dismissal must rely on Feng Shui decoration to resolve the layout

in terms of urban geomantic omen, the flat land is water, and the tall buildings are mountains. That is to say, if there is flat land around the house, it should be treated as water. Of course, this water should be in the southwest before it can be called water as wealth; If there are high-rise buildings in the northeast, it will be regarded as a mountain, which has the effect of prospering the body and not losing money

when the northeast is flat, it is necessary to put 8 stones to help Ding and block the loss of wealth




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