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At present, the discussion about "Internet +" in the wardrobe industry has been burning. As a typical traditional manufacturing industry, most wardrobe enterprises do not have a thorough understanding of Internet +. However, some industry experts pointed out that one of the technologies of the Internet - information technology can effectively improve the production, operation and management efficiency of enterprises. For wardrobe enterprises, "why not". Wardrobe enterprises need to operate seriously to realize reform! Whole house custom furniture brand Deville

some wardrobe brands speed up the use of information technology

Ma Yun once said that the next development outlet is not to create wealth in the IT industry, but to create some wealth in traditional industries, but to use new technologies and means, such as information technology, platforms, etc. Some brands in the wardrobe industry have felt the development momentum of information technology, such as Sophia, hospitality, Shangpin home accessories, etc. when using information technology, these enterprises are also constantly promoting the reform of the industry

wardrobe industry + informatization is not an easy task

informatization, as a field of the Internet, is also gradually recognized and accepted by enterprises. However, for the traditional wardrobe industry, how to make "informatization + wardrobe industry", so that the two can promote each other, and what's more, how to make informatization drive enterprise reform, is very difficult for the wardrobe industry that still adheres to the rules. It's difficult to know it, and it's not easy to do it

insiders believe that the first difficulty is "talent". For example, many wardrobe factories have very advanced equipment and information platforms. For example, they can directly input drawings and data to processing equipment to improve work efficiency, but enterprises do not have matching personnel to make the equipment play a role quickly. For another example, some wardrobe stores have software that can automatically count and convert the order volume, as well as software that can improve the sales transaction rate, but only general shopping guides are using it. These shopping guides only have sales experience, and they have no experience in using design software and the most basic skills of design profession. This software is in vain

look at Sofia, Shangpin home accessories and other companies. The salespersons in their exclusive stores can also serve as designers. Most of them are from design majors, who understand design theory, design software and sales skills, as well as a certain foundation of information technology. Of course, the effect of transactions with ordinary salespersons will be very different, so talent is the first step to be solved in the promotion of information technology

the second difficulty is "cognitive defect". When talking about the Internet and information technology, some enterprises think that they are opening online stores to sell low-end products and compete for product prices. In fact, in addition to online stores, the construction of enterprise we media, enterprise wechat platform and external communication network channels are inseparable from information technology. Through the use of these information technologies, enterprises can save costs and improve production efficiency. How can enterprises have reason to refuse? Information technology is a big cake, but there are many contents on the cake. Which one to eat is up to the enterprise itself. Therefore, the lack of understanding of information technology is one of the stumbling blocks to the realization of information technology

in the information age, the wardrobe enterprises need to operate seriously to realize the transformation.

in the past, the wardrobe enterprises were just simple manufacturing industries. With the advent of the information age, the wardrobe enterprises should be operated in the whole industrial chain and a service-oriented enterprise. The so-called whole industry chain operation mainly refers to the expansion of the scope of enterprise services to design, manufacturing, marketing, installation and other links, and each process is flexible links, which should be clearly known to consumers. These are inseparable from information technology. Now there is great competition in the market, so that consumers can better grasp or understand their purchase process, and it is easier to promote the finalization and implementation of a project or order

in this era, enterprises have no say, and customer demand is the king. Wardrobe enterprises must change the previous single business model, not only active + information technology, but also need to adjust themselves to make information technology an opportunity for enterprise upgrading. However, wardrobe enterprises also need to make it clear that the Internet is not omnipotent, and so is information technology. In the process of transformation, some enterprises will be unable to adapt to new fields and withdraw from the market. Therefore, in the information age, in the process of leading to change, talents, ideas, funds, foundations, platforms and other aspects need to be seriously operated by enterprises in order to truly realize change

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