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In 2017, the whole house decoration industry has ushered in a promising future, and more and more brands have sprung up, followed by various questions about the brand of the whole house decoration? There are so many brands, how to choose a good brand? Looking at the ups and downs of some brands in this industry, there are so many brands that they are dazzling at a glance. How about the whole house decoration now? What are the prospects

as an investor, you must first choose the right brand to make money. Therefore, Xiaobian hereby suggests that investors should go to the production base to investigate whether the factory has production capacity and whether it belongs to OEM manufacturers, so as to avoid the risks caused by the poor connection between the brand and the factory, the failure of normal production and the production of inferior products. The brand has done a lot of publicity and promotion, attracting consumers to buy products in franchised stores, and the company and dealers are seamlessly bundled, which is a long-term sustainable development. As a powerful brand, it will definitely enter tmall Taobao to help dealers conclude orders by taking delivery of goods off the online sales line. If a brand enterprise does not have certain strength and capital, it cannot invest at such a high cost. Tscn Tuscany flagship store welcomes you to consult and buy

after inspecting the finished factory, you must also inspect the nearby franchised stores. The production strength and brand strength should be based on what you see. When inspecting the intended customers, you can inspect the decoration effect of the franchised stores, whether the samples are the same as those produced by the factory, and how the effect of the model room decorated by the dealers is. Because the investors in the agency store are also starting their own businesses. If they are not satisfied with the brand of the agent, they will naturally not say much good words. In private, you can learn more and more private situations, because they stand in the same position with you

how to choose the price? What's the difference between being a mid to high-end brand and a low-end brand? For dealers, low-end products are easier to attract consumers. In the early stage of the establishment of the store, they can be home decoration consumers, but in the later stage, the problem is that the product cracks, falls off film and other problems, which cannot be solved after sales, and the reputation is getting worse and worse. Finally, they can only disappear in the market. There is no such story of good quality and low price in real life. In the early stage, medium and high-end brands have no price advantage, but they can satisfy and praise consumers in terms of effect and quality. Tscn Tuscany whole house decoration has always won the favor of consumers in the market with high-quality products, and has been pursuing perfection in product quality. At present, the company has successfully developed a patented product - exquisite lock buckle plate, which can not only achieve seamless splicing during installation, but also the unique lock structure can effectively avoid cracks in the product. Moreover, the main ingredients of tscn's whole house raw materials are bamboo powder, wood powder, and other natural ingredients pressed at high temperature, and the formaldehyde emission is far lower than 1.5mg/l. The formaldehyde content of tscn's Tuscany products is less than 0.01mg/l, which is smaller than the emission of an apple. The environmental protection grade is 10 times lower than the European standard EO grade, so that your family can rest assured

as more and more people pay attention to tscn Tuscany whole house decoration, a new product, it is believed that the development prospect of environmental protection whole house decoration is infinite and broad

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